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Tuesday, February 04, 2014
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Snowboarders, Skiers, Hockey, Ice Skaters NOW is the perfect time for your senior portraits!. Come on let’s go! Our area has so many perfect spots to showcase your winter activities. Let’s go to your fave hill, ice pond or outdoor spot. How about the ski lift area at Villa Olivia or Alpine Valley? I know it isn’t the Rockies but it has lifts, a hill and is a lot closer. LOL.  Remember, anyone can have studio shots. Why not show off who you really are and what you enjoy. I do this all summer with soccer, football and baseball players. I've even photographed a future pilot at the airport. Why not winter sports? Call the studio today for information and to schedule your unique session. I’m not afraid of the cold. Are you? 815-459-1481

Think how much COOLER these would be outdoors!



OK so this is still cool even tho it was done indoors. LOL

I know it feels like the snow will be here forever, but it wont. So don't wait!!! call 815-459-1481 text 815-347-1481 email

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